What is Spiritual “Leveling Up”?

Essentially, it is a little bit of a play on words and also the idea that we can develop ourselves emotionally and get to new levels of skill, awareness and understanding through our experiences and all the lessons that we can learn in our lives.

I am committed to helping you level up by identifying the ways in which you want to develop yourself (based on the outcomes you desire) and do everything I can do to help you to get there, including providing knowledgeable feedback on your present situation, suggesting concrete steps to aim you towards your goals, guiding you through practices that have been shown and known to help other people in your peer group, helping you to find your own personal power and providing support along your path.


Services I offer:

  • Informal counseling on aspects of emotional awareness and interpersonal communication through techniques such as giving and receiving feedback, increasing listening skills and enhancing empathetic responses.
  • Personalized meditation and yoga instruction, including guided visualizations and bodily awareness practices.
  • A rationalist explanation of the useful parts of psychological therapies and spiritual practices, such as Buddhism and Shamanism.
  • Image consulting (including shopping trips) to help you create a social persona that fits and follows how you want to project yourself in the external world.


Outcomes you can reasonably expect:

  • New emotional handling tools, such as psychological and meditative practices in your cognitive toolbelt.
  • Increased levels of emotional intelligence, both in understanding your own emotions as well as how other people work emotionally.
  • Heightened body awareness and connection through meditation and movement exercises.
  • More positive interpersonal interactions and relationships through enhanced communication skills.



  • Free one hour initial consultation session
  • $35-50/hr, sliding scale


About Me:

“Minda” on LessWrong

As a rationalist with an interest it spiritual practices, I decipher and distill psychological and spiritual traditions to find the tools and practices that really seem to work and help people overcome emotional blocks and integrate experiences to help reach goals and discover true potential. My personal philosophy is to have the fewest filters on the world as possible and as such, I will never ask you to “believe” anything. What I do ask is that you keep an open mind to experience and be willing to try experimental and creative practices so that we can find solutions that really work for you.

Outside of my spiritual practice, I’m also a Jill-of-all-technical-trades (read: programmer) and entrepreneur.

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